PLAY+projects includes PLAY+srl (manufacturing), ZPZ Partners (architecture and design) and Feelgood Designs (project management and distribution), as well as a network of architects and designers in many countries.

The PLAY+ research project developed from an idea by Maurizio Fontanili in response to the Children, Spaces, Relations research project on environments for children (Reggio Children, Domus Academy – 1998).  One recommendation of this research was to create spaces that responded to and supported children’s ‘one hundred languages’ – their different strengths and sensitivities, their multiple intelligences – to make spaces that are flexible and transformable, sensorially complex (rough, smooth, hard, soft…), and at the same time welcoming, beautiful and harmonious places to be.  Children have a right to beauty! 

PLAY+projects coordinates a professional team of architects, designers and manufacturing, including research on new technologies and materials, leading design projects for furniture, new concepts for play areas and interactive exhibits, and interior design projects for education spaces, public buildings and private homes, specialising particularly in early childhood and elementary school ages.