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ZPZ Partners are art directors for the PLAY+ project as well as designers for some key pieces from the line. They are Mattia Parmiggianni, Michele Zini and Claudia Zoboli, and they have a considerable portfolio of architecture and design work in collaboration with Reggio Children, as well as projects with Andrea Branzi, Tullio Zini, and Stefano Maffei (Design4Children at Politecnico di Milano), to name only a few.

Michele Zini led the acclaimed 'Children, Spaces, Relations' research project in 1998 with architect and designer Giulio Ceppi, drawing together experts in many diverse fields to examine environmental stimuli and their effect on child development and interactions, specifically to define guidelines for the development of spaces for children. This project - in particular, a contribution about 'soft qualities' by Giulio Ceppi - became the starting point for PLAY+SOFT.

'Children, Spaces, Relations' is published and distributed worldwide as a set of guidelines and a 'vocabulary of key words' for the development of children's spaces. It is cited by many organisations including the DfES (UK) as a reference point for the development of new education settings.

ZPZ Partners work with PLAY+ to develop education and public projects with particular attention to the importance of valuing the diverse needs and sensitivities of children within these spaces.