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PLAY+ is both the name of a unique 4 year design project and the name of the company manufacturing PLAY+SOFT and forthcoming lines of PLAY+ furniture for children.

PLAY+ is led by Maurizio Fontanili. It is a response to 'Children, Spaces, Relations' (1998), a research project examining environments for children and a collaboration between architects, designers, artists, educators and psychologists, in collaboration with the research and experience of Reggio Children in Italy.

PLAY+SOFT is the first of a series of research-led projects developing new possibilities for designing and furnishing children's spaces in education, public and domestic settings. It is defined by a dialogue between child developmental research, architecture and world class design. Maurizio Fontanili assembled a team of 28 international designers for the PLAY+ project alone and the beautiful furniture is intended to promote aesthetics in children's environments, while also reflecting an image of the contemporary child.

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Manufactured in Italy by PLAY+
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