• Atelier 2.0

    Primary School and Early Years atelier as part of the Fare Scuola refurbishment project in Italy, for Reggio Children and Enel Cuore.  Featuring light platform, green pills, rechargeable light table, mi albero.  Including custom solutions developed with the project: group table with platforms to hold iPad tablets upright, and display initial stimuli materials for project work.  Conceived by ZPZ Partners, the space allows children to create immersive environments, landscapes of light and unprecedented narrations, through vertical green walls, light platforms and interactive projection systems, in a dialogue between digital, analog and nature.

  • Singapore International School

    Nursery and Early Years unit for international school in Mumbai.  Interior design and furniture.

  • Porto Tolle

    Porto Tolle

    Primary school refurbishment project with Reggio Children Foundation and Enel Cuore. Furniture concept and design of classroom and primary school corridor.

  • Earlyworld Nursery

    Full interiors project and exterior playspace concept for a new nursery in Abu Dhabi.  Change of use from residential to education setting.  A key part of the project creating a flow between different rooms and 2 concrete villas, including walls with curves, niche seating, custom furniture, and interiors schematic.  All furniture and storage from the PLAY+range.

  • Nido Inside Out

    PLAY+ project change of use from residential to kindergarten.  The focus of the project is to have few structural modifications, emphasising 'soft' qualities (light and colour) and furniture to create a polysensorial and flexible learning environment.

  • Asilo aziendale Coesia

    A unique creche built to provide childcare for the Coesia Group employees during office hours in 2012, with the additional kindergarten section for children from 3 years old, opened in September 2013.  The project was developed with pedagogical consultancy by Reggio Children to offer a beautiful environment together with a range of educational and cultural stimuli.  The furniture concept and storage systems developed and custom made for the project by PLAY+

  • Scuola dell’infanzia e primaria al centro Loris Malaguzzi

    School for young children 3-11 years.  Part of the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre for Reggio Children, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

  • TriBeca Community School

    Concept interior design and furniture design for TriBeca Community School in New York City.  First phase for proposed school refurbishment project.  Furniture design including modular feature table, shelving, custom made solutions for reception desk, bookshelves, coat storage.  Lighting concept design, wall colours, flooring.

  • Nido aziendale Cariparma

    Infant and toddler centre for Cariparma employees.  Prefabricated building (design ZPZ Partners) develops a concept of classroom modules built around central piazza spaces, removing corridors and creating sociable spaces for encounters and interaction.  Winner 1st price 'development@work' in the Sole 24 Ore US Awards and selected for Venice Biennalle 2012.

  • Blue House Infant & Toddler Atelier

    Now with 2 locations in Singapore (Turf City and UE Square), the Blue House Infant & Toddler Atelier developed out of the highly regarded Blue House School in Singapore, and offer young children and their families interactive spaces inside a warm and nurturing environment filled with sensory exploration.  Project by Feelgood Designs, furniture from the PLAY+ range.