3D Forms

Blocks to create constantly changing three-dimensional compositions and landscapes

Elements of this product can be purchased separately. Contact us for more information.

Product details

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Article No.
250 (A), 251 (B), 252 (C ), 253 (D), 254 (E), 255 (F), 256 (G), 257 (H), 258 (I)
Pop Green and Lime (250); Pop Green and Orange (251); Pop Green and Mandarin (252); Sky Blue and Pop Green (253); Sky Blue and Pop Green (254); Pop Green and Grass Green (255); Pop Green and Grass Green (256); Pop Green and Sky Blue (257); Lime and Sand (258)
A (cm 100x25x50h) B (cm 50x50x75h) C (cm 50x50x50h) D (cm 25x25x75h) E (cm 50x25x75h) F (cm 75x25x50h) G (cm 100x25x50h) H (cm 50x25x100h) I (cm diam. 25x70h)
fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers
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