Mi Albero

NEW interactive projection system, first developed with Reggio Children as part of the exhibits for the world fair EXPO2015 in Milan, Italy.  The package consists of sensor and software to use in conjunction with a locally sourced projector and wifi enabled computer.  As with commercially available projection systems, the sensor ‘sees’ movement and the software has the images on the projection surface respond.  What makes Mi Albero unique is the creative and entirely open-ended (and not age specific) way in which the software interacts with this movement.  The person becomes the trunk of a tree, branches and leaves grow, if they link with another person they make bigger tree trunk, move and the branches sway, move too quickly and they fall off.  View the original prototype at the Crossing Boundaries exhibition here and here (Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, Reggio Emilia)

Product details

Giovanni Faglioni, Federica Cestari, Michele Zini, Claudia Zoboli
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