Mirror Solids

Elementary forms for construction landscapes and sequencing. The small size makes them suitable for even very young children. Each solid has one reflecting side adding visual stimuli and making the composition more complex with different colours degrees of softness reflectivity and texture.

Elements of this product can be purchased separately. Contact us for more information.

Product details

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Article No.
984 (A), 985 (B), 986 (Brick), 987 (Arch), 988 (Hexagon), 989 (Three cube), 990 (Two cylinder), 991 (Cylinder C), 992 (Small brick), 994 (Cube), 995 (Small rectangle), 996 (Large rectangle), 997 (Triangle)
Glittering Vinyl (984); Water Green (985); Mandarin (986); Drop Blue (987); Fuchsia (988); Pop Green (989); Sky Blue (990); Sky Blue (991); Coral (992); textured Corn (994); Mandarin (995); Orange (996); Pop Green (997)
Cylinder A (cm diam. 15x60) Cylinder B (cm diam. 15x60) Brick (cm 60x30x15h) Arch (cm 60x30x15h) Hexagon (cm 30x30x15h) Threecube (cm 30x30x30h) Twocylinder (cm 30x30x15h) Cylinder C (cm diam. 30x15h) Small brick (cm 30x30x15h) Cube (cm 15x15x15h) Small rectangle (cm 30x15x15h) Large rectangle (cm 60x15x15h) Triangle (cm 15x30x42.5h)
fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers